Church Ministry

  Madurai is known as "Temple City". With a burden that by ministering a congregation that worships our Lord should be raised, the Eternal Life Church was started here. Staying in many rented houses, worship services were conducted in Spirit and truth which shepherded many Hindus into the Lord's fold.

The Lord opened gates to build and dedicate a church at Yagappa Nagar, Madurai in 1998. Daily early morning prayers, fasting prayers, Bible study classes and Devotional Services are conducted in the Church.

Village Churches

A major portion of the Indian population live in villages. Madurai is also surrounded by scores of villages. So that the under developed and illiterate people of the villages should also accept Jesus as their personal saviour, village churches have been established.

Devotional services are being conducted in houses at Silaiman, Kazhugorkadai, Karrupayoorani, Theerthakadu, Mandapam, Pamban and Nethaji Nagar villages.

Orphanages for Children

Fatherless and Motherless orphan children with no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no home to live and no education are in an oppressed state in the society. In 1992, "Eternal Life Children's Home" was started with an agenda to provide these children with proper food, dress and education along with teaching the word of God that a spiritual generation should be formed.

Presently 35 children are given parental care here. They are brought up with the highest standards of discipline, taught to pray and memorize the word of God.

Songs and Music Ministry

By the special grace of God, more than one hundred and fifty Tamil songs with related Biblical themes and melodious lines have been written. Many people have received annointing of the Holy Spirit when they sing these songs realising their themes. They have received deliverence from sicknesses. These songs have been recorded with music and released as audio cassettes.

Moreover God has blessed our children with an excellent knowledge of music. They are exalting God with this gift of grace in Gospel meetings, fasting prayers and devotional services.

Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings are arranged at villages and cities in public places. These meetings are advertised through handbills and wall posters. Gathering people in public places, the gospel is announced with the aid of good public address systems.

Many people have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour through these meetings and have received deliverence from the grip of curses and sickness.

Magazine Ministry

That the children of God staying far may be blessed with the Word of God "Eternal Life Newsletter" is being published. Many grief stricken people are able to receive divine solace and comfort through the messages written in this magazine with a great deal of prayer. They also come to understand the truth more and more.

Community Services

Food and dresses are provided and the gospel shared with the old aged, physically disabled, beggars who fill their bellies by begging at the roadside and with the mentally challenged.
God's name is glorified through this ministry.